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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


O.M.G! cellulite!?? God,benda yg senang dapat n susah maw get rid!!
Btw,u know what is the cellulite actually??
Cellulite is the term used to describe the pockets of fat that show on the skin where excess fat is GATHERED. its usually present on arms,tights,buttocks and abdomen areas both men n women. Cellulite also can categorize into two type which is soft (formed in large area of skin n cn b seen easily) n hard cellulite ( attaches directly to the muscle n is not as visible ).

Ahah! dis is the magical cream that i used to get rid the cellulite! FRANCH CELLULITE MOISTURIZING CREAM.
Franch oil stimulating properties in synthesis of collagen n growth promoting effects on granulation n ephitalisation helps strengthens the skins support tissues while smothing "orange peel" skin thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. This product also based on natural plant extract that helps in improving micro circulation under the skin n stimulates the metabolism of fats while nourishing connective tissue from within to help reduces cellulite.

So,if u hv cellulite i think u should try dis product! Remember, glamorous is our MIDDLE name! :) 

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